our 2nd life

Anonymous said: Your blog is my life

thanks! haha sorry I’ve been super inactive these past couple weeks

emilyyhoff said: hi i just found youre blog but its pERFECT

aww thank you so much!  :)

Anonymous said: Who the hell is Koan?

I’m guessing you mean Kian? If you don’t know who Kian is get outta here tbh

Anonymous said: dom has a youtube but hes been hanging with jc and kian a lot lately!


Here you go anon

Anonymous said: Who is dom??

not sure if I’m being honest…

anyone know???

Anonymous said: Can u upload kians snapchat videos here please? I know they go away after u open them which is why

I’m not sure how to but she always uploads them so follow her! :) 

Anonymous said: Wait what's Rickys tumblr?

This is Ricky’s tumblr.


Honestly had the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert TONIGHT and I’m not even that big a fan of One Direction as I was 2 years ago.

Anonymous said: Do you know any of the boys snapchats?

Kian’s is swifferme
Jc’s is chamclouder
Ricky’s is ricky.dillon

Not sure if Connor, Sam, or Trevor have one!

Update: Sam’s is sammpott and Trevor’s is trevormoran

anndreaab said: Someone knows if Connor lives in new o2l house?

He doesn’t, Ricky answered that on his tumblr 

Anonymous said: Is it just me or does everyone hate Sam? He is so underrated! I've only heard of 3 people that like him 😣 ugh

Yeah I’ve heard of a lot of people that don’t like him but whatever those people suck

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